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I had Kentstruction complete a bathroom for me. A year later they still have not completed the work.

Each time I call or email, I either get no response or when I do, its Gary, the owners son, and he is extremely rude. He actually once called me ***!!! I hung up on him because I realized he isn't worth dealing with. I realize that there isn't much I can do because I have paid in full.

I am now hiring another company to finish the work. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone.

BE AWARE!!! Hold at least 10% of the money until the job is completed.

I didn't like: Horrible customer service.

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They should be charged with fraud- On his website he supposedly has testimonials from Gary and Jonathan Conrad as customers. They are in fact Kent Buells stepsons.


Do not give any money upfront-period. Why do most NY'ers insist on throwing money at things?

You realize you are overpaying?

Some will try to get 50% down-I don't even do that. If they are in business this long they should have the materials on hand anyway.


Gary is Buell's step-son and his new wife's. I assume all has changed since his previous wife passed.

This wife and her sons are taking over and Kent may or may not be aware of the rude, unprofessional, unethical etc. treatmen some people are getting.

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